This site contains videos for webmasters. The lessons are held via the most affordable means - video.
It is simple. Repeat all that you see in the video and you become the consummate professional in the field of site builders! Here you can read the solutions of problems that the experienced webmasters are facing frequently. Decisions are presented on the basis of the uCoz platform. We deeply believe that uCoz system is the fastest and easiest way to create your own free web sites without significant restrictions.
You do not need to order a paid hosting, or to learn programming languages. However, if you already have a good knowledge in the field of web designing, uCoz system gives you the ways to implement your knowledge, not limiting you in any way. Anyone can easily check the sequence of actions on video.
Showing solutions on the uCoz platform does not limit its applying. The majority of the lessons can be easily reproduced on any platform.